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Christmas December 26, 2008

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I hope you all had a great Christmas!  We had a wonderful one!  This was the first time Brandon has REALLY gotten into it, enjoyed opening the presents, and participated in all the festivities.  That, in itself, was a HUGE Christmas blessing. Brooke had a lot of fun, too, as always! 

Brooke, Debbie and I went to see White Christmas with Debbie, Tracy and Julia Fletcher – it was so much fun and a great show!  The girls really enjoyed it too.  I think my favorite part was when someone in the play said the word “sex” (in a clean joke kind of way) and Julia, the 5 year old, loudly asks her mom, “What’s sex???”  She was saying it like sax, though, so that gave Tracy a little relief.  How did that ever pan out, Tracy??  🙂

We had Christmas with my parents on the 20th and spent a nice day at their house with my brother eating, playing games, eating, and eating some more! 

On Christmas Eve, Brooke and I baked a pie that was in a cookbook my mom had given me for my wedding, and the recipe was handwritten by her in the book.  I make the assumption that it’s an old family recipe and think I’m doing this great thing by making it, and call her to ask her about one vital instruction that was omitted (you know, actually COOKING the eggs in the pie) and she tels me she’s never made it before!  It was too funny.  So, our new holiday tradition is that we will pick random recipes, leave out one really important step, and see if we can figure out which one is missing 🙂  We all had a good laugh out of it. 

Then, we went to church, out to dinner and back to the house for the kids to open one Christmas present – their Christmas PJs.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, then we went to Debbie and Paul’s for The Blackshear Christmas with Jason’s brother and his family.  The cousins had a lot of fun playing together and got along great!  They even helped Papa gather up eggs from the Chicken Condo!  Later in the afternoon we were joined by Donnie (Debbie’s brother) and his daughter Holly, then that evening the Draehn’s and Cobbs came by, who we always see Christmas Day.  We had a great time!  Brandon found a buddy in Trip and they played hard!

Today has been a bit more of a rollercoaster. Brandon woke up this morning and wasn’t able to put any pressure on his left leg.  We called the doctor and got him in today, and PRAISE GOD our doctor was the one on call at the after hours clinic – I just feel better with her.  We thought it was his knee at first, but it turned out to be his hip.  We did have some anxious moments, though, because she did some testing to rule out Guillian-Barre, which starts out like this with lower extremity muscle weakness, at the end of a virus (which he’s had), and put us on alert that if it got any worse, or if his blood work came back showing signs of infection or inflammation that we would be headed immediately to Texas Childrens.  It took 4 of us to pin him down to draw blood – poor guy!  So, for that time waiting for his bloodwork to come back, I was, needless to say, a little scared!  All came back normal, but we still have to watch him and if it doesn’t get better we will need to look for nerve or bone problems.  As it is now, we are treating him for just a sore hip from playing too hard!

So, all is well and we’re headed out soon for a way overdue date night with The Bench’s!

We still have a few more celebrations to attend, and will post more pics when we’re done with those!

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas fun.


Snow! December 11, 2008

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by-door-copyYes, it snowed in Houston yesterday.  The east side of town got MUCH more than we did, but we had enough to make the kids happy that they got to see snow!

   brandon2   brooke-pose


November in a Nutshell November 30, 2008

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I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to catch up on everything that’s been going on, but here’s my attempt at it.

– Brooke’s 7th B-day sleepover was a BLAST!  The girls were so good and had a great time.  They did a lot of jumping off the coffee table, played some air guitar, and had the sleepover-necessary pillow fight, which I only let them do long enough for me to snap a pic.

jump   brooke-and-aunt-kris

the-5-second-pillow-fight  air-guitar

– I’ve been fine tuning the ‘ole Photography skills and might take the leap to setting up an actual business next year???  I took some pics for a friend of Bridget’s (thanks for the recommendation, Bridget!!), some belly pics for my cousin, and then I just liked that one of Brooke.

by-door    side-belly-vignette   brooke-closeup-bw


–  Everyone’s been sick this month – ugh.

– Thanksgiving was a lot of fun!  We went up to Lubbock and spent Thanksgiving Day with my mom’s side of the family, and then the day after with my dad’s family.  It was so great to see everyone, and we missed those who couldn’t make it.  Brian rode up there with us, and it was good to have him – not sure if he felt the same after the 15th time Brooke asked him if we were there yet.  We’ve decided just to make this our tradition – that we go up to West Texas for Thanksgiving.  We miss everyone up there so much, and love spending that time with them.

Brooke made Rice Krispy treats with Bailey and Deviled Eggs with Walker:

brooke-bailey-rk  brooke-walker-eggs

They played some football, Jeff and Ronald carved the fried turkey…

  weston-walker-football  jeff-poppy-turkey 

And, of course, Brandon hung out with his best buddy.  Then we headed down for some fun in Lamesa:


dad-brandon  sarah-lisa-laura  brooke-haley-jumping  grandma-grandpa  brandon-holden-jumping

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I know there’s more.  Sorry I’ve been so neglectful of my blog – promise to do better!!!


My Poor, Neglected Blog November 18, 2008

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I am so far behind – sorry!  I will have lots of pics to post soon!!


Happy Halloween! November 1, 2008

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We had a good Halloween.  Brandon wore his Mickey Mouse costume (yippee!!) and Brooke was a Black Cat.  Casey even spent a few minutes in her Minnie Mouse costume.  We went up to my mom and dad’s church for a little bit to play at their festival, then came back and trick or treated with some neighbors, and hung out and handed out candy.

Hope you had a good one, too!



Last Weekend October 27, 2008

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We spent last weekend with some of Debbie’s family that I had never met before up at their friend’s ranch in Navasota.  We had a wonderful, relaxing time!  On the property, the owners have their main house where they live, then a secluded area with a “Camp House”, complete with pond, bridge, swing and a great porch!  That’s where we stayed.  We brought our campers and slept in them since there were only 2 bedrooms, but we spent 90% of the time outside watching the kids fish, carve pumpkins and enjoying the beautiful weather we had!  The place would be PERFECT for Family Portraits – I kept telling Paul he needs to get us one of these (Ranch, pond, the whole package!)



Brooke had a blast playing with her new cousins.  They ranged in age from 5-8, so that was perfect for her!!  They were sweet, well behaved and CUTE kids and all had so much fun together.  Poor Dylan was outnumbered by girls, but he was a champ!  Brandon enjoyed playing with Stephanie, the 5 year old, and one of my favorite moments was watching him hold hands with Dylan when they were off to fish one time.  It was too cute. 




Brandon had so much fun!  That boy LOVES being outdoors, and by the end of the weekend both he and Brooke were casting their fishing lines like pros.   He really took to Matt, too (Jjason’s cousin).  One time his line got all tangled up and he wouldn’t let Jason help him.  Matt walked up a couple of minutes later and just said “Boy, let me see that” and Brandon handed it right over, and Matt walked him through fixing it, letting Brandon help hold the line while he did it.  It was incredible.  It was those little blessings that made up a great weekend.





Mackenzie got to come up for a little bit too – she stayed Friday night and most of Saturday with us before JP had to come get her.  She was JUST as big as those older kids and had SOOO much fun running, singing and performing with them.  She is in that “Why” stage, too, which is so much fun 🙂  You tell her not to do something and she just looks at you with those big brown eyes and says “Why?”.  I am hoping that with everything we’ve been through with Brandon’s speech that God will have mercy on me and let us skip that stage with him.    I got some fun pictures of her – she is quite the little model/ham in front of the camera!



Casey even made some new friends!  The ranch had a resident Chocolate Lab named Hershey that was just as sweet as could be, then Matt and Kelly’s dog was also a Chocolate Lab named Molly.  They played hard with Casey, but never got too rough or aggressive with her.  There was, however, another ranch dog that wasn’t so nice and we had a close call with her.  Casey stayed tied out all weekend (we tried to let her run loose once, and she RAN, causing Jason to have to run after her – not good!), and this dog had gotten aggressive earlier in the day, so when I saw her coming again, I went to get her off her leash and get her inside, but it was too late.  That dog ran over there and started to go after her. I have her mid-air trying to get her loose, and the dog has her by the skin on her side, and thankfully Matt, wearing boots, comes up, kicks that dog out of the way and we get Casey loose.  The dog didn’t break her skin, but it could have been VERY bad if Matt hadn’t gotten there in time.  She could have turned on me or the kids.  So, they got that dog tied back up at the main house and she didn’t bother us again.

I posted some pictures on Flickr, and will add more as I get to them.


It’s a Christmas Miracle! October 22, 2008

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Rick had a really great sermon on Sunday, and at the beginning, he was going over some passages in Deuteronomy about clean/unclean animals.

Well, when he got to this part:

Deuteronomy 14:21 – Do not eat anything you find already dead.

My thoughts immediately went here: